Traditional wrestlng competitions take place at the show and are organised by the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association. You can find more information about taking part and details of local training academies on their web-site and there is more information also available on Wikipedia.

Wrestlers compete in various classes depending on weight or age as follows:

  • All Weights Male
  • All Weights Female
  • 13 stone
  • 11½ stone
  • Under 18 yrs
  • Under 15 yrs
  • Under 12 yrs

There are various rules but the key ones are:

  • Each match has 3 falls and the best of 3 is the winner.
  • The loser of each fall is the compeitor who breaks the hold first or who touches the ground with any part of their body other than their feet (they are thrown).
  • If both competitors fall the winner is the one who touches the ground last.
  • If the umpire is unable to determine which competitor touched the ground last this is declared a "dog fall" and the fall wil be restarted.

The sport is increasing in popularity with female wrestlers too.

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