Hound Trails

Hound Trails were introduced to the Eskdale Show in 1874 and have been a popular attraction ever since. The races follow an invisible trail on the fells made by dragging rags soaked in aniseed and parrafin from the halfway point on the course. The trail is laid by two people known as "Trailers" who drag the rags behind them, one Trailer heading towards the start and the other heading towards the finish. Pups race over a 5 mile course and seniors over a 10 mile course - usually completed in under 30 minutes which is a heck of a pace considering the terrain and the need to follow a scent.

There is much more information available about the sport on The Hound Trailing Assocaition web-site including how to take part and details of other events around the county.

Eskdale Show usually hosts five races for different classes and there are bookmakers on site should you fancy a flutter to add to the excitement. Betting on each race closes when "TRAIL!" is announced signalling the race is close to conclusion. If you have a pair of binnoculars make sure you bring them along to keep an eye of the races as they progress.

2022 Hound Trails

The Maurice Edwards Shield awared to winner of Hound Trail

2.15pm          Hound Trai

l3.00pm          Senior Maidens Trail

4.15pm          Puppy Trail

4.45pm          Open Restricted Trail

5.15pm          Veterans